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New LBCA Brochure - Information for Patients about Lobular Breast Cancer

As part of our mission to provide information and resources to patients with ILC, we have created a new brochure with a basic overview of ILC, its key features, how it differs from other types of breast cancer, as well as current information on imaging. It also contains a list of publications and the resources LBCA provides to all who are interested in understanding ILC and patient advocacy. 

The brochure is available in both a digital version to share via email or on social media, and as a download to print. If you download the version for print,  you can staple the pages back to back and create the trifold yourself. 

These will also be translated into 16+ languages and available here soon! We encourage everyone to share this brochure with anyone whom you think might benefit from this information.

View and download the Brochure in other languages: 

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