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Legacy Giving

Those who have included LBCA in their estate plans are cherished members of our community of advocates. By including LBCA as part of their legacy, they have committed to raising awareness about lobular breast cancer and promoting more ILC research to ensure that effective detection methods and lobular specific treatments are identified, now and beyond one’s lifetime.

All legacy gifts can honor the memory of individuals who were dedicated to raising awareness about lobular breast cancer and promoting more research, and can continue their help into the future until ILC is eradicated altogether.

The Deborah Mueller Legacy Society

Deborah Mueller was an active, compassionate, and dedicated member of the LBCA Board of Directors until her shockingly precipitous death from metastatic lobular breast cancer in early 2023. As an LBCA board member, Deb gave generously of her time and energy, as well as her financial support.

In the words of her husband Dr. John Doski: “Dr. Deborah Mueller was a master surgeon, inspirational leader and mentor, and amazing wife and mother. She was passionate and perseverant, curious and pragmatic, in caring for trauma patients, the critically ill, and women with breast cancer. She lived with the guiding principle to ‘Do Good, wherever you can.’”

Upon her death, her family established the Deb Mueller Foundation Fund to continue Deb’s legacy of support for LBCA and lobular breast cancer research. This trust has already exponentially increased the number of lobular breast cancer research grants LBCA has been able to make.

We offer exclusive membership in the Deborah Mueller Legacy Society to our most loyal donors who have included us in their estate planning at the $50,000 level or above.

Benefits for Members of the Legacy Society include:

  • A personal thank you from LBCA Executive Director Laurie Hutcheson.
  • Invitations to exclusive events and lectures open only to LBCA’s closest friends and supporters.
  • The opportunity to inspire others to give by allowing us to recognize you publicly as a Deborah Mueller Legacy Society member during your lifetime on our website and in LBCA’s annual report. 

Please contact Laurie Hutcheson at if you have questions about including LBCA in your will, trust, or other estate plans.

LBCA is grateful for the following LBCA Legacy Gift Donors

Deborah Mueller Legacy Society Donors

  • Deborah Mueller Foundation  
  • Seattle Foundation

Other Legacy Donors coming soon!

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