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LBCA's Circle of Compassion is a treasured group of dedicated donors who have committed to making a gift on a recurring basis.

The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA) knows there is a daily need to spread the word about invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC), also known as lobular breast cancer. We must also continuously advocate for and fund more ILC research.

A lot of people choose to make a generous gift once a year, usually at calendar year end, for which we are grateful.  Recurring gifts, which may not necessarily be made just at year end are extremely important and provide LBCA with stability. The knowledge that we can rely on a steady stream of income enables us to plan and increase our capacity for conducting more and more important initiatives toward eradicating ILC. 

Your recurring gift becomes the backbone for LBCA’s work.  A gift of $25 per month means an annual gift to LBCA of $300. Even a $10 per month gift means an annual gift to LBCA of $120.  For you, committing to a smaller recurring gift may enable you to make a larger total gift by year’s end than you would have been able to make if you donated in one lump sum. 

 “I became a Circle of Compassion donor because I know how critical it is to help sustain all that LBCA does to raise awareness of lobular breast cancer and promote and fund lobular breast cancer research. My dear friend and LBCA board member passed away precipitously from metastatic lobular breast cancer, and I am committed to helping find ways to prevent this from happening to anyone else.” –Dr. MaryJo Wright, LBCA Circle of Compassion Donor

Joining the Circle of Compassion is simple. Go to the LBCA donate page, select “recurring” and then choose your preferred frequency and the date when you want your giving to begin.  Set up your recurring gift and join LBCA’s Circle of Compassion today

LBCA Thanks Our Circle of Compassion Members Since July 1, 2023

  • Kristin Callis
  • Janice Carter
  • Alora Foundation
  • Ryan Hagino
  • Susan Hipp
  • Daneen Huddart
  • Laurie and Joe Hutcheson
  • Barbara Jacobsen
  • Mason Mitchell-Daniels
  • Dawn Mooney
  • Robert Oakes, Jr.
  • Jennifer Rogers-Petitt and Josh Petitt
  • Pranav Popat
  • Donna Russell
  • Laurel Weil
  • Desaree Welch
  • Mary Jo Wright

You can set up a new or update your existing recurring donation online. For more information or questions about the Circle of Compassion, please contact us.

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