Mission & Vision

The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA) engages patients, clinicians, and researchers to increase knowledge of lobular breast disease and promote lobular breast cancer research.

LBCA was founded by a national network of patient advocates with invasive lobular breast cancer (ILC), also known as lobular breast cancer.  Learn more about us on our “Who Is LBCA” page.

LBCA’s small but growing professional staff include an executive director, a chief operating officer and volunteer coordinator, a development director, and a communications director. We utilize contractors and consultants to supplement our efforts. We also work with volunteers who are people with lobular breast cancer, their loved ones, and other individuals with an interest in breast cancer advocacy and research. LBCA is overseen by a Board of Directors and advised by an international Scientific Advisory Board of researchers and clinicians who focus on lobular breast cancer. Our Patient Advocate Advisory Board helps ensure the work of LBCA always includes and supports the patient voice. 

LBCA is funded by generous donations from individuals who have been impacted by lobular breast cancer, grants and contributions from foundations and other 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, and corporate sponsorship arrangements. LBCA is a 501(c)3 public charity. Donations to LBCA are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by applicable law. 

If you would like more information about LBCA, about volunteer opportunities or patient advocacy, or if you are a researcher interested in collaboration or seeking to work with a patient advocate, please visit our Volunteer webpage or contact us at info@lobularbreastcancer.org.

LBCA’s Mission

As the only organization in the US dedicated to Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer (ILC), LBCA’s mission is:

To make all who are touched by ILC aware of its unique characteristics and the critical need for more ILC research; to be the go-to source for information on ILC studies, clinical trials and educational tools; to foster partnerships among patients, scientists, clinicians, and breast cancer organizations to increase dialogue about ILC and research advocacy; and to fund vital ILC research.

LBCA’s Vision

A world in which lobular breast cancer is found early, treated effectively, and eradicated permanently.


LBCA’s Goals

To accomplish our mission and vision, LBCA is guided by five primary goals:

1. Raise Awareness and Educate about ILC:

Disseminate information to key audiences about the unique features of ILC and important findings from research. Provide educational materials in multiple formats to assist patients and former patients make treatment decisions and educate and advocate for more ILC research. Disseminate comprehensive ILC information on social media platforms and through the media. Establish relationships with major medical centers through which to disseminate ILC information.

2. Be the Go-to Source for ILC Research Findings and Information about ILC Treatment:

Maintain a library of the most relevant ILC research and current ILC-specific clinical trials. Post and disseminate timely, new, important ILC research underway and advances in knowledge about ILC detection and treatment. Provide opportunities for dialogue among clinicians and researchers to address challenges of detecting and treating ILC, discuss groundbreaking findings, and identify research priorities.

3. Support ILC Patient Research Advocacy:

Provide resources and information about research advocacy training opportunities to patients with ILC interested in breast cancer science to increase the number of patient advocates who understand research and medical terminology. Provide information about and connection to ILC advocacy opportunities.  Expand the number of research advocates who are ensuring the patient perspective is included in research study and clinical trial designs, grant applications and reviews, and who are promoting LBCA’s mission at major breast cancer conferences and in advocacy efforts in their communities.

4. Cultivate Alliances Among U.S. and International Breast Cancer Advocacy Organizations:

Partner with breast cancer organizations in the U.S. and internationally to collectively advance ILC research and education.  Expand the global network of ILC advocates, and offer opportunities through which ILC advocates from all over the world can meet and collaborate.

5. Fund and Advance ILC Research:

Provide ILC grant funding opportunities for specific ILC research initiatives and new investigators.

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