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OUR GOALS:   Advance ILC Research;  Build Organizational Partnerships;  Educate about ILC

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Join Us: Subscribe for News and Updates

About Lobular Breast Cancer

Invasive lobular breast cancer (ILC) is the sixth most common cancer of women in the US with 39,000 new patients diagnosed each year.  

Research indicates that ILC is a unique subtype of breast cancer with distinct biological and behavioral differences. It’s time to advance research and refine treatments for patients with lobular breast disease.

Advance ILC Research

  • Postmenopausal women who have been diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer (ILC) who have not yet had surgery to remove their tumor may be eligible to participate in a multi-site clinical trial....

  • LBCA partners with the Metastatic Breast Cancer Project to Advance metastatic lobular breast cancer research...

  • Clinical Trials Improve Patient Care and Outcomes and advance critical research to improve our understanding of Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer...

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