LBCA Vidoe Takes In-Depth Look at Lobular Breast Cancer

The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance’s (LBCA) latest awareness raising efforts have resulted in a new movie! The presentation features invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) patient advocates and LBCA Scientific Advisory Board members among others.

It was created to help convey the issues with ILC, the importance of dedicated ILC research, and an overview of LBCA and its critical role in supporting the ILC community and in promoting collaboration, research, and advocacy.

LBCA thanks the following for their contributions to this video:

Patient Advocates
Janice Axelrod
Evelyn Bond
Laurie Hutcheson
Lisa Laudico
Diane Mapes
Carol Miele
Flora Migyanka
Kim Motschenbacher
Nina-Marie Opene
Leigh Pate
Lori Petitti

Dr. Rachel Jankowitz
Dr. Otto Metzger
Dr. Jorge Reis-Filho
Dr. Steffi Oesterreich
Dr. Eric Winer

Video production
Beth Chambers and Jim Flis of
Colleen Fitzwater
Shawn Tesser

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