Our Strategic Plan

The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance is guided by a strategic plan that will be updated each Fiscal Year.

Strategic Plan for Programmatic Goal Achievement in FY 2023 (July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023)

FY 23 will be the first full fiscal year for the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA) as an independent public charity. The plan for the achievement of goals and objectives for this year was developed through a process that included meetings between the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and the Patient Advocate Advisory Board (PAAB). The proposed strategic plan that resulted was approved by the LBCA Board of Directors.

LBCA is guided by five primary goal areas to help the organization realize our mission and vision.  The strategic plan contains a description of the agreed on programmatic objectives by primary goal area that will be the focus of FY23 activities.

LBCA’s mission statement is:

to make all who are touched by ILC aware of its unique characteristics and the critical need for more ILC research; to be the go-to source for information on ILC studies, clinical trials and educational tools; to foster partnerships among patients, scientists, clinicians, and breast cancer organizations to increase dialogue about ILC and research advocacy; and to fund vital ILC research.

To accomplish our mission and vision, LBCA is guided by five primary goals.

LBCA FY23 Strategic Plan Objectives

Note: Each goal is followed by the objective-focused activities that will be undertaken to achieve it.

Goals 1 and 5 Programmatic Objectives were combined 

The objectives in FY 23 corresponding to LBCA Goals 1 and 5 include:

• Translating materials provided for patients on the website into 14+ languages and providing recordings and developing and providing lay summaries of invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC)-specific research presented at major breast cancer conferences;
• Creating additional audio and video short movies/PSAs that convey critical information about ILC and disseminating them and development of a PR campaign with other breast care organizations with a form of the message: Breast cancer is not one disease. It has subtypes and the subtypes need focused research to eradicate all breast cancer.
• Creating another survey of individuals with ILC and analyzing and submitting the results to the San Antonio Breast Cancer Consortium for presentation and publication at the annual conference.
• Supporting individuals with ILC to sit on cancer center tumor boards and other groups to represent the lobular patient perspective to clinicians and researchers in their local areas.

Goal 2: Be the Go-to Source for ILC Research Findings and Information about ILC Treatment:

The objectives in FY 23 corresponding to LBCA goal 2 include:
• Regularly updating the ILC publications library and the Clinical Trials page on the LBCA website,
• Creating a page on the LBCA website to highlight the new research of the LBCA Scientific Advisory Board members.

Goal 3: Support ILC Patient Research Advocacy and Identify and Implement ILC-specific National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines

The objectives in FY 23 corresponding to this goal 3 include:
• Expanding LBCA’s Advocate Chat webinar series – new topics will include information about ACS data on breast cancer currently available and the NCCN guideline revision process,
• Developing and publicizing to scientists LBCA’s registry of ILC patient advocates available to assist researchers,
• Collaborating with SAB members on writing a white paper on ILC-specific imaging or an ILC treatment topic.

Goal 4: Build Alliances Among U.S. and International Breast Cancer Advocacy Organizations to Jointly Promote and Fund ILC research:

The objectives in FY 23 corresponding to this goal include:
• Engaging actively with the European Lobular Breast Cancer Coalition (ELBCC) on developing ILC Symposium and wrap up sessions and on ILC-focused committee work on standardizing ILC pathology,
• Collaborating with two or more breast cancer organizations to produce ILC-focused webinars,
• Identifying and sharing with SAB members new sources of ILC patient data and jointly determine ways to help increase access to them for analysis,
• Represent LBCA on the National Breast Cancer Coalition and the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Roundtable,
• Fund at least one ILC-specific research grant solicitation in conjunction with an organization such as the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.

The process to update the LBCA strategic plan will be expanded next year to include a review of accomplishments related to the aforementioned objectives by the SAB, PAAB, and LBCA’s Board of Directors together and determination of any revisions or updates necessary. The process will begin in early spring of 2023.

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