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12/15/22 – ILC Research and LBCA at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, Results of our Goal Performance Survey
11/22/22 – Announcing 2023 AACR/LBCA ILC Research Fellowship, A Message from our Scientific Advisiors, ILC Research at SABCS
11/17/22 – LBCA October Recap, The Doctor Is in and Discussing ILC, Dr. Rinath Jeselsohn Discusses her New ILC Research
10/05/22 – LBCA Is Raising Awareness that Breast Cancer Has Subtypes, New Imaging Research Grant, Advocate Chat with NCI
9/20/22 – Founder Leigh Pate’s Tribute Page, 2022 ILC Symposium Recap Recording, Dr. Christos Sotiriou’s Latest ILC Research 
8/25/22 – Register for ILC Symposium Recap, Meet New LBCA Chair, Dr. Matt Sikora Discusses Basic Research
7/21/22 – Remembering LBCA Founder Leigh Pate, 2022 ILC Symposium Recap, Dr. Rita Mukhtar’s Latest ILC Research
6/14/22 – Take LBCA’s Metastatic ILC Survey, Watch Our Cancer Moonshot Video, Learn About ILC from Volunteer Leaders
5/26/22 – Meet Our Newly Funded Researcher Karen Van Baelen, MD, Inaugural Volunteer Focus, Conversation with Dr. Chris Li
4/21/22 – Volunteer Message from our COO/Volunteer Coordinator, Metastatic ILC Webinar, New Advocate Registry
3/24/22 – New Partnerships with NBCC and COST, Amplifying Black Voices Across Cancer, Meet Dr. Jason Mouabbi
2/24/22 – LBCA Movie Focuse on ILC Issues, Remembering Meg Kotler, Meet Research Grantee Dr. Candace Frerich
1/20/22 – LBCA’s First Board of Directors, LPGA’s Angela Stanford Teams up with LBCA,  Guest Blog with Dr. Raquel Nunes
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