World Cancer Day 2021: “I Am and I Will”

Help Us Spread the Word About Lobular Breast Cancer and LBCA

World Cancer Day 2021 The theme of World Cancer Day 2021 is “I am and I will.” We all can have an impact on eradicating cancer and empowering those touched by it all around the world. This February 4, please consider how you might contribute to using this day for the good of others everywhere affected by invasive lobular breast cancer (ILC), and how you can raise awareness about this “sneaky cancer” and advocate for more ILC research.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Post a personal message of support for patients with lobular breast cancer worldwide and for the advocacy, community, and research that LBCA promotes and provides.
  • Spread the word about ILC and LBCA on your social media, your blog, etc. Record a video message and share it! LBCA has materials on our website that you can download and share including:
  • Initiate a fundraiser among your peers or directly donate to LBCA to support our work and efforts to fund ILC research. Do you have a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)? If you use it to wire a grant to us, LBCA could be eligible to receive up to $100K in matching funds. Go to for more information.
  • Are you interested in helping us spread the word to others whose first language is not English? Reach out to us at to offer your assistance with the translation of our materials into other languages. (All translated materials will be submitted to healthcare professionals for final review.)

By taking just some of the actions above you are and you will have an impact on those touched by lobular breast cancer.

Thank you!

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