Raise Funds for Lobular Breast Cancer Research Advocacy and Education

World Cancer Day 2021 is February 4th. Why not participate in this year’s I Am and I Will campaign by setting up a personal peer to peer fundraiser to support LBCA?

LBCA is committed to focusing on our goals – and as you know, there is no other organization like the LBCA focused on lobular breast cancer education and advancing research.

Please consider helping us sustain and grow this important work. There are many ways you can help raise awareness for ILC while you raise money for LBCA. In addition to making a personal donation, you can set up a personal or “peer to peer” fundraiser and support a friend or family member, or honor the memory of a loved one.

To set up your own peer to peer fundraiser through our website and enable your friends and family to make charitable donations to your campaign go to our Peer to Peer Fundraiser Campaign at lobularbca.wedid.it/campaigns/8168 or click here and then click on the blue Fundraise with Us Button. It will take you through steps to set up your own fund.

There are also three other ways to raise funds for LBCA and ensure that your friends and family members receive their tax-deductible receipt:

  1. Send an email message or post on social media with your request that describes why LBCA is important to you and asks for support. Embed in your message the two ways people can give, 1) online by clicking on the link to the LBCA donation page (https://lobularbca.wedid.it) or 2) by mailing a check payable to our fiscal sponsor – the non-profit organization Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE) at 23564 Calabasas Rd. Unit 201, Calabasas, CA 91302 with the words “LBCA” in the memo line.
  2. Send a letter with the same message explaining the importance of ILC education and research to you. Include both the website address and the street address to which donations can be sent.
  3. You can set a free charitable fundraiser up through your Facebook account. You can create a time-limited personal Facebook fundraiser linked to our fiscal sponsor Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE) that will then allow you to track donations and ensure that donations will be tax-deductible. Facebook will send the funds raised to our fiscal sponsor for deposit directly in our account. (contact Laurie Hutcheson at lauriehutcheson@lobularbreastcancer.org if you need help).

All donations will be used wisely to support LBCA’s ILC advocacy and research promotion efforts. Thank you for your ongoing support of our work!