Metastatic Trial Search: A New Resource for Finding Clinical Trials

The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance is pleased to share a new resource for patients with advanced and metastatic lobular breast cancer searching for clinical trials in which to take part. Metastatic Trial Search is an easy-to-use clinical trial matching service. Developed specifically for people with advanced and metastatic breast cancer, it has updated its design to better meet the needs of people with ILC.

Metastatic Trial Search added lobular as a subtype so that users can filter trials to see only the trials that allow enrollment of people with metastatic lobular breast cancer. Metastatic Trial Search has also added a checklist in their filter of unusual places where ILC can spread. This feature was updated to include eye area, abdominal linings, and other more common areas for lobular metastases.

Metastatic Trial Search is updated weekly to include all trials for advanced and metastatic disease across the U.S. You can filter by location nearest to you, search for a specific type of trial such as immunotherapy or targeted therapy, and find trials for specific genomic mutation.

Learn more about clinical trials for patients with metastatic disease or MBC-related research at

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