Racing Our Way Toward More Lobular Breast Cancer Awareness

The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA) logo will be racing down the track over Labor Day Weekend for all race fans to see thanks to the creative thinking of lobular breast cancer patient advocate Ali Dixon.

Ali and Larry Dixon with tandem dragster
Ali and Larry Dixon show off the LBCA logo on their tandem dragster.

Wife of three-time National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Top Fuel World Champion driver Larry Dixon, Ali realized using her husband’s race car driving stature could be a great way to raise awareness about invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) and LBCA. As the race date was drawing closer this summer, she reached out to LBCA and set plans in motion to make this happen.

Arrangements were made for the logo to be displayed on a top fuel dragster owned by Larry and driven by Will Smith at the NHRA U.S. Nationals held September 1 – 5 in Indianapolis, Indiana. When the car rolls out, Ali also hopes the announcer will share information about LBCA and our mission that she is providing.

Ali was diagnosed with Stage 3 lobular breast cancer in 2020. Her diagnosis story is all too familiar. “Every year I went for a mammogram. I had no idea it was harder to see lobular breast cancer,” said Ali.

While going through surgery and radiation treatments, she found support through a lobular breast cancer Facebook group where she learned about LBCA. “I read a lot of studies including (LBCA Scientific Advisory Board Past Chair) Dr. Metzger’s,” Ali said. “I was grateful that LBCA had a lot of information available for me.”

Since her treatment, Ali is determined to ensure that more women are aware of lobular breast cancer. Ali knew that bringing ILC awareness to the biggest and most historic event on the NHRA tour would be very powerful. She noted that LBCA’s logo will not only be on Will Smith’s dragster, which is owned by Larry, at the U.S. Nationals, but it will also be on Larry’s tandem dragster – where it will stay for some time to come.

Ali said, “I just didn’t know about lobular breast cancer. People need to know that lobular exists. We need better screening methods. We need more research.”

In addition to bringing information about ILC to NHRA fans, Ali has also been finding creative ways to raise money for LBCA. She recently conducted a Facebook fundraiser for her birthday, and for the past year Ali has been raising funds by asking for donations in return for lollipops in the candy shop she owns.

LBCA thanks Ali and Larry for their efforts to educate others about lobular breast cancer. We wish driver Will Smith well and hope to see his top fuel dragster sporting the LBCA logo go as far as possible in the upcoming race.

For more information about lobular breast cancer or to make a gift visit You can also download or view our flyer.

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