LBCA Helps Raise Awareness That Breast Cancer Has Subtypes

All too often we hear people ask why breast cancer isn’t all set after all these years. They ask why it needs more research, and people say they had no idea breast cancer had subtypes. This October during National Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA) has joined with many of our sister breast cancer and cancer research organizations to raise everyone’s awareness that breast cancer has subtypes and each of them needs more research.

We all agree an educational campaign to help shake people from the belief that breast cancer is only one type is important. It is only as more people become aware of breast cancer subtypes – and the need for more research on each – that we will accelerate progress towards ending all breast cancer.

Our first step towards addressing this idea was to create an educational flyer for broad dissemination. The development of the look, text, and accuracy of the content was the result of a collaboration among many breast cancer patient advocates, organizations, and breast cancer researchers. Special thanks to LBCA graphic artist Stephanie Hablow who developed the final version, and to GE Healthcare, which provided funding in support of flyer production.

There is no specific ask other than people explore the websites of the organizations listed to learn more. We hope that this flyer will be shared widely and invite readers to do so. A pdf is available to view and download and will be housed on our For Patients page.


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