Your Gift to Pursue an End to ILC Will Be Matched This Month!

You Have the Opportunity This Month for Your Gift to LBCA to Have Double the Impact!

LBCA is the go-to source for information and advocacy about invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) and is the premier champion for ILC research.

Just this month, you may be aware of the major steps LBCA has taken towards ending ILC.

Laurie Hutcheson, Executive Director

  • Patient advocates have expressed their gratitude for the different ILC facts that we have been posting each day, which not only informs them but provides a reminder of the lobular community that exists for us all.
  • The announcement that LBCA has partnered with the Society for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging to fund an ILC imaging research grant has excited new interest in ILC research in the imaging world and raised awareness of how desperately ILC needs better methods of detection.
  • Twenty sister breast cancer and research organizations have signed on and expressed their enthusiastic support of LBCA’s new breast cancer research promotional campaign raising awareness that breast cancer is not just one, but is many diseases, and will not be conquered without research into all the subtypes.

Each day, thanks to many generous donors, LBCA continues to provide a community for people newly diagnosed and those who have had ILC for years, as well as tools for those who seek to provide ILC education or work with ILC researchers.


It is generous support from members of the LBCA community that helps us continue to undertake these kinds of initiatives that are core to LBCA’s mission – not just during breast cancer awareness month – but every day.

As a lobular breast cancer survivor, I am frustrated and worried that we do not know enough about this understudied though not so rare breast cancer type – and that it still, too often, recurs.

I assure you: LBCA will not stop educating about ILC and promoting and funding ILC research with a vengeance, until it is no longer necessary – until ILC is detected earlier, treated effectively, and eradicated permanently.

That is why your help is critical now!

Your gifts, no matter the size, are key to continuing to spread the word about ILC, garnering research attention, and advancing ILC knowledge. 

Thanks to the generosity of the Leo Foundation, all first-time donors’ gifts will be matched up to $2,500! So, make your gift today and double the impact you can make towards eradicating ILC!

As regular readers of LBCA’s newsletter, you see LBCA’s actions, and you know how much more information and research is needed. You can be the one to make it happen!

With this matching gift initiative, your support will have an even greater

impact right now.

You can make your gift online on our donate page or can send a check made payable to LBCA Inc. to P.O. Box 200, Whitehorse Beach, MA 02381.

Your gift will go that much further in support of funding for new ILC-specific research, the convening of scientists and patient advocates in cross-cancer center collaborations, the development of more clinical trials that include ILC, the advancement in knowledge of all stages of ILC, the identification of ILC specific treatment protocols, and more!

Will you help now in this critical moment in our history?

In gratitude,

Laurie Hutcheson signature

Laurie Hutcheson

Executive Director

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