Welcome to the LBCA

The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA) is a network led by patients living with or treated for lobular breast cancer working with breast cancer researchers and clinicians specializing in ILC.  LBCA advocates for patient needs, supports ILC research and educates about lobular breast disease.

LBCA was launched in 2017 by patient advocates who attended the First International Lobular Breast Cancer Symposium in Pittsburgh, PA in September, 2016. LBCA welcomes patients with ILC, the clinicians who treat us and the researchers who are working to find cures, prevent our disease and refine treatments.  Our efforts are led and accomplished by all volunteer efforts, and LBCA is currently funded by donations from patients and individuals who are impacted by lobular breast cancer.

LBCA’s mission is to bridge patients, clinicians and researchers to increase our knowledge of lobular breast disease and promote research that leads to advances in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and patient follow-up care.


Advance ILC Research Goals, including ILC specific and inclusive clinical trials and studies

Link patients with ILC to research advocacy opportunities as patient advocate partners and participants

Build partnerships with breast cancer organizations and institutions to integrate ILC into existing breast cancer services and resources

Educate key audiences and raise awareness about ILC and ILC metastatic disease

Please join us!  Please subscribe to receive periodic News and Updates by email and learn about new ILC resources and opportunities to advocate and be involved.  Find us on Facebook and Twitter @LobularBCA

Thank you for joining us!  We hope that by working together, we can elevate lobular breast cancer and advance research to improve outcomes for patients diagnosed with this disease.



Download a one-page handout about LBCA to share.