Help LBCA Become an Independent Nonprofit

Since its inception, donor support has helped establish the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA) as the go-to source for invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) information and advocacy, and has made us a champion for ILC research. We are deeply grateful!

The LBCA remains the only organization in the U.S. dedicated to raising awareness about ILC in a quest to eradicate lobular breast disease. This spring, with the guidance of our Scientific Advisory Board, we began to fund ILC research directly.

Our next step on the path to fulfilling our mission is to become an independent nonprofit organization. We must build our capacity to share information, grow and nourish a network of patient advocates, and fund more ILC research grants.

As you can imagine, we continue to need your help:

  • to ensure sorely needed research on methods of detecting ILC and preventing its recurrence
  • to focus on finally finding the best treatment approaches for lobular breast disease – distinct from ductal
  • to support a community of women collaborating to educate clinicians and help one another raise awareness about this understudied disease
  • to keep LBCA going and growing— and successful in its mission to stop this deadly breast cancer subtype that afflicts tens of thousands of women each year

Judy from Washington D.C. commented, “I have supported the LBCA almost since its inception and hope everyone will join me. I do so because as a woman who has had ILC, I have experienced first hand the fear and frustration about how little is known about ILC and how best to treat it. I am grateful that LBCA exists expressly to change all that. LBCA has built a warm community that educates and supports people like me, and it is singularly focused on ensuring that critical ILC research happens. I know LBCA is already making a difference!”

Please consider a donation to LBCA during this critical time in our history as we elevate our movement to inform, detect, treat, advocate, research, and forever eradicate ILC. To donate visit Thank you in advance for your continued support.

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