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Many women with lobular breast cancer have found the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA) after they were diagnosed. They want to help build a community among peers, to share the most current information about ILC detection, treatment and clinical trials, and to raise awareness about this common yet understudied breast cancer subtype that needs more research. Sharing their stories is one of those ways.

Meet Shay

My name is Shay, and I live in California. Turning 40 usually means planning that special getaway with old friends and making a bucket list for the next decade or so. Well, a few months into being 40, I was actually planning how to survive and live to see my kids go through college.

My ILC Story Author Shay

Our bodies and minds are connected, and we should listen to them. In late September 2019, my body was signaling to me that something was wrong. That was a sign to go and see my doctor and the rest is CANCER history. Lobular “Sneaky” breast cancer had attacked my body. It had remained undetected in mammograms for the past four years. 1 in 8 women get breast cancer, but I never thought that would be me.

I had heard breastfeeding saves the boobs. I had breastfed both my kids for over six months! The media says mammograms save the boobs, but do they? My mammograms were clear, so the news that I had cancer totally threw me on a bandwagon I never thought I would be on.

Not Letting ILC Dictate My Life

Today after three surgeries, I am still recovering and dealing with side effects. I am determined to not let cancer rule or dictate my life or me. But the process has not always been positive for me; I am still a HUMAN right?! During my journey I learned about integrative medicine and how it could benefit me.

I also came across the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA) and learned that I’m not alone. This sneaky cancer has attacked many other women and remains understudied and not always talked about by doctors. Thanks to LBCA, I was able to have smart conversations with my team and understand my plan for recovery.

I thought I was smart with an MBA degree, but today is actually when I feel SMARTER and much more confident of living this life and being able to educate women affected by ILC.

All I can say is that no one can ever understand the emotions a cancer patient goes through. Family and friends want to move on, but cancer patients live with the fear of a recurrence. All you can do is stay informed on how you should live and what you should eat, and the rest will be history!

I am learning about myself and this new journey everyday. I’m evolving and will continue to do so my entire life.

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