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A Message from Our Executive Director

If you or a loved one have had lobular breast cancer, you know invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) has some unique and disturbing characteristics.

  • Maybe your lobular tumor was missed because lobular breast cancer is so often hard to detect. When mine was found they said it had been growing for years!
  • Maybe you are aware of how ILC can resist treatment and recur later in some unusual places.
Laurie Hutcheson, Executive Director
Laurie Hutcheson LBCA Executive Director

But did you know —

  • Effective methods of detection and treatment for ILC remain a mystery!
  • ILC is still NOT getting the research attention it needs.
  • 15% of women diagnosed with breast cancer annually in the US have ILC.
  • And less than 1% of breast cancer research funding goes to study it.

This is not okay. Join us in taking steps to solve the ILC Mystery for good!

This May is National Cancer Research Month and the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA) is initiating activities in two key areas of our mission: Spreading the Word and Funding ILC Research.

Your gift today will help ensure:

  • LBCA website materials for patients are translated into the most commonly spoken languages.
  • More patients and researchers can receive scholarships giving them opportunities to interact directly around cutting edge ILC research.
  • More media, movies, and public service announcements about ILC and the need for more research can be produced.
  • More ILC-specific research grants are solicited and funded in the coming year.

Make your gift today!

Your support has already helped provide important ILC information and access to research for thousands of women with ILC and funds for three early investigators’ ILC grants. Your gift will help accelerate implementation of these activities and bring the world that much closer to understanding and eradicating this scary breast cancer subtype.

With deepest gratitude,

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Laurie Hutcheson

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