ILC Research at SABCS 2018

The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance sent six patient research advocates to the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) in December, 2018 and compiled highlights and a compilation of abstracts and presentations on ILC presented at SABCS 2018.

Translational Research

Spotlight Session 7

Title:  The Biology of Invasive Lobular and Endocrine Resistant Breast Cancer

Moderator: Douglas Yee, MD

Discussants:  Christine Desmedt, PhD and Shom Goel, MBBS, PhD, FRACP


General Session Presentation

Presenter: Christine Desmedt, PhD

Title: Unraveling lobular breast cancer progression and endocrine resistance mechanisms through genomic and immune characterization of matched primary and metastatic samples

Conclusion: “This is to our knowledge the largest metastatic ILC series in which matched primary and metastatic samples were interrogated, revealing several genomic alterations, some of which potentially targetable, driving disease progression and endocrine resistance.”

Clinical Research

Title: Accuracy of MRI after neoadjuvant therapy for invasive lobular carcinoma of the breast

Presenter: Rita Mukhtar, MD

Conclusions: “Maximal tumor diameter on MRI after neoadjuvant therapy in ILC vastly underestimates true tumor size. While these findings suggest using caution when using an MRI for surgical planning in patients with ILC, particularly if there is associated NME (non-mass enhancement), the trend towards improved disease free survival in those with a subjective improvement is intriguing and suggests that MRI changes could become an early predictor of outcomes.”  View the Poster

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An archive of all presentations, abstracts and posters from SABCS 2018 can be found at under “past meetings.”

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