Patient Advocates and Researchers Spread the Word About ILC

Thanks to the efforts of invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) patient advocates, researchers, and collaborators, information about ILC and the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA) was disseminated to various audiences throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Here are some highlights:

  • LBCA Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Jason Mouabbi was featured in a podcast by Oncology Data Advisor. Not only did Dr. Mouabbi discuss lobular breast cancer and joining LBCA, but he also talked about how breast cancer is not just one disease and the need to understand each type better.
  • New LBCA Patient Advocate Advisory Board member Dawn Wiklinski was featured in a news story on FOX 8 in Cleveland, Ohio, about the new study Clinicopathological Features and Outcomes Comparing Patients With Invasive Ductal and Lobular Breast Cancer. The story also featured Dr. Jame Abraham from the Cleveland Clinic. We thank the Cleveland Clinic and LBCA advocate Susie MacDonald for their efforts in getting this story placed.
  • The same study was also featured in an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The study authors included LBCA Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Megan Kruse and past SAB chair Dr. Steffi Oesterreich. Dr. Oesterreich, lead author for the study, was interviewed for the piece.
  • LPGA golfer Angela Stanford appeared on NBC Golf Channel’s Golf Central. During her interview (begins at 4 minutes, 39 seconds), Angela mentioned how her mother struggled with metastatic ILC and how Angela has worked with LBCA to raise awareness of ILC. Sadly, Angela’s mom passed away earlier this year from the disease. Angela also discussed LBCA in an interview that appeared on LPGA’s website. The public service announcement she did with LBCA also appeared in the article.
  • LBCA Board member Dr. Deb Mueller took part in an episode of The Source on Texas Public Radio with her former patient to discuss breast cancer. During the show, Dr. Mueller shared her ILC story and how it led to volunteering for LBCA.
  • With the help of volunteer Maryanne Bombaugh, MD, a story about our recently distributed Breast Cancer Has Subtypes flyer was published in the Massachusetts Medical Society’s Vital Signs. This newsletter keeps the Society’s members up to date on current topics of importance to the state’s physicians.

While October might be over, we are vigilant about getting the word out every day about lobular breast cancer. We’re grateful to the many people who continue to help educate others that ILC is different and needs more research.

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