Patient Advocate Advisory Board

The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA) Patient Advocate Advisory Board (PAAB) helps ensure the perspective of those with lobular breast cancer is always integral to the organization's work.

PAAB members are people who have had or have lobular breast cancer and/or their loved ones who have committed to serving in this advisory capacity for at least one year. PAAB members meet regularly with LBCA staff to discuss and provide feedback on how well LBCA activities support the organization’s mission from a patient perspective.

This includes:

  •  participating in LBCA’s annual strategic planning process
  • helping LBCA create effective educational materials accessible to those with lobular breast cancer from diverse backgrounds, and helping reach those audiences
  • providing general guidance to LBCA from a patient advocate perspective on the effect of LBCA activities and initiatives


Irene A. Jamieson

Vice Chairs

Janice Axelrod
Ann Gottbrath Camden


Kristine Blake

Shay Chawla

Karan Garrison

Gitte H. Joergensen

Julia Katherine Levine

Nancy MacGillivray

Diane Mapes

Judy McDevitt

Christine McKay

Flora Migyanka

Barbara Neilsen

Dawn Wiklinski

We thank all of our PAAB members for sharing their time, skills, and experiences with us. 

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