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Many women with lobular breast cancer have found LBCA after they were diagnosed. They want to help build a community among peers, to share the most current information about invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) detection, treatment and clinical trials, and to raise awareness about this common yet understudied breast cancer subtype that needs more research. Sharing their stories is one of those ways.

Meet Chickie

My name is Chickie. I am 76 and have been married to my high school sweetheart for 54 years. We have four children, nine grandchildren and three great grandchildren. My husband and I live in a retirement community in Reno, Nevada, with a plethora of activities and have an extremely active social life.

In March 2023, I went for my annual screening and was called back for a diagnostic screening and ultrasound. I then had biopsies on both breasts. The radiologist called me a few days later. He informed me that I had ILC in both breasts.

I was in shock; I jumped up and said, “What kind of cancer, can you spell it for me?” He indicated that I would need a surgeon, a medical oncologist, and a radiation oncologist. My primary care provider referred me to a surgeon.

Finding the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance

I immediately went online researching ILC and fortunately found the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance’s (LBCA) website. I perused many articles, and I really appreciated the Questions for My Doctor guide. I used many of these questions when I met with physicians.

After having read about ILC, I went to the surgeon assuming I would have a bilateral mastectomy. To my surprise, she recommended a bilateral lumpectomy. I had surgery about two weeks later. My surgeon achieved clear margins and the four lymph nodes removed were negative. Each tumor was 1.8 cm. My Oncotype DX was 16 and 17 respectively, so no chemo.

I am now receiving photon radiation at my local medical facility. I have been blessed with a great team of doctors.

The best advice I would give another ILC patient is to be informed and advocate for yourself or have a spouse or friend at every appointment to advocate for you.

Are you interested in telling others about your own lobular breast cancer story? Please email to request more information on how to submit your story. For more information about lobular breast cancer or to make a gift visit

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