October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Please join LBCA to educate about the Signs of Lobular Breast Cancer – the second most common cellular type of breast cancer that is the 6th most frequently diagnosed cancer of women in the U.S.  Help spread the word with your networks and raise awareness about a subtype of breast cancer that most have never heard of, is understudied and needs more research to refine and develop therapies for patients.

Breast Cancer is not Always a Lump

infographic showing physical changes in the breast that might indicate lobular breast cancer

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Lobular Breast Cancer (ILC) is different.  ILC is not always a lump. Signs can include a hard or thickened area in the breast, a dimple or a dent, a change in the size or shape or nipple changes.

Because of its unique cellular structure, ILC can be missed on screening mammograms and be harder to find on self-exams, making it important for women to look for other concerning changes in their breast besides a lump. While there may be no physical symptoms in the breast with ILC, and in many cases these changes are NOT cancer, be aware of these signs of cancer so they can advocate for their own care.  If any of these changes are noticed in the breast, and a mammogram is negative, discuss the pros and cons of additional imaging with a doctor.

Spread the Word

Share Signs of Lobular Breast Cancer on social media, with friends and family, at events and among your networks to educate others to recognize this sneaky form of breast cancer.  The sample social media posts and images below may be helpful.  Sharing your personal story is always compelling.

Informational Social Media posts to share

#Lobular #breastcancer is a different type of breast cancer, and alone is the 6th most frequently diagnosed cancer of women.  Lobular may not form a lump, and can be missed on mammograms.  Learn the signs of lobular breast cancer at LobularBreastCancer.org/signs-of-ilc

#Lobular #breastcancer may not form a lump, and can be missed on mammograms.  Changes to report to your doctor: Hard or thickened area in the breast.  Dent or dimple, or change is the size or shape of the breast.  Nipple changes. Other unusual changes.  Learn more LobularBreastCancer.org

Lobular Breast Cancer (ILC) is a different type of breast cancer that looks different under microscope, may not form a lump, may not be visible on a mammogram and can spread to different parts of the body.  #Lobular needs more research to better understand this disease, develop targeted therapies and refine treatments for patients.  Learn about #lobular at LobularBreastCancer.org

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Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance Goal and website

Learn other ways to raise the profile of lobular breast cancer and educate others about this disease  in our ILC advocacy toolkit.

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