Learn How to Fundraise on Facebook for LBCA

Are you looking for a new way to share information about invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC)? Do you want more people to know about the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA) and why it’s important to you? Do you want to help LBCA obtain the funds needed to continue supporting advocacy, raising awareness about ILC, and funding ILC research? If you are using Facebook, there is a really easy way.

Facebook fundraisers are a simple and effective way for people just like you to engage your friends and family members, share information, and at the same time raise money for a cause that is important to you.

Why? You already have a network of friends on Facebook; setting up a fundraiser is a snap.

Just follow these steps

1. Go to your Facebook page
2. Go to Menu
3. Click on fundraisers
4. Click Create a Fundraiser
5. Click on Raise money for nonprofit
6. Choose Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance Inc.
7. Decide on a fundraising goal amount
8. Choose the end date
9. Give your fundraiser a title
10. Explain your “why.” Use video and pictures here too if possible!
11. Share the fundraiser with your network asking them to help you. Fundraisers shared in your personal feed raise 10x more!! Share often and invite your network to help you achieve your goal.
12. Show your commitment by making the first donation. You and others visiting your fundraising page will be able to see the progress towards your fundraising goal.
13. Be sure to thank the people who give to your fundraiser for LBCA. (Facebook automatically provides the tax receipt for the donation directly to the Facebook donors, and will show you the list of names for those who give to your fundraiser. Facebook will send LBCA the donation and the donor’s name but no contact information. So please know that we depend on you to share with them how grateful we are!)

Facebook fundraisers can be used to celebrate a birthday, a special or significant day, or simply because you want to raise money for LBCA!

There are no fees involved with Facebook fundraising and every dollar you raise goes directly to support LBCA’s mission.

Need help? If you would like help in setting up your fundraiser or have any questions, please reach out to Karen at karenferguson@lobularbreastcancer.org or 315-591-3963. Thanks for helping support the work of LBCA!

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