Happy National Volunteer Week 2023!

Happy National Volunteer Week! It’s that time of year again when we take a moment to acknowledge all of the contributions volunteers make to support the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance’s (LBCA’s) crucial work. Thanks for all you do!

Mason Mitchell-Daniels In April we also celebrate Global Volunteer Month, and we are indeed a global community of advocates and scientists working together to change the way invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC), also known as lobular breast cancer, is seen and treated. This month, I want to call attention to many of the different ways individuals support our mission and vision as volunteers.

ILC patient advocates are individuals who raise their voices to share information and educate others on the unique aspects of lobular breast cancer and the challenges that patients with ILC face. This may be in a formal capacity as a volunteer of LBCA or done as an individual. We thank all those volunteers and constituents who raise awareness about this sneaky disease with members of their own networks and communities.

LBCA is also supported by volunteers who engage in ILC research advocacy. ILC research advocates assist researchers when developing research proposals; review grant proposals for funding organizations; engage with researchers to promote more targeted research on ILC; advocate for additional research funding and/or lobular cohorts in existing studies; develop strategies for impacting research; attend conferences; collect, review, and summarize ILC research studies and publications; and do other important related tasks.

Research advocates often volunteer their time to go to trainings and conferences on breast cancer and invest time in understanding the science behind breast cancer, so they can be informed partners when collaborating with researchers. A science background is not required, but an investment in learning and exploration are key.

Patient advocates, research advocates, and advocates who are loved ones of someone with ILC volunteer their time, energy, and expertise on working groups, committees, advisory boards, and individual projects.

LBCA also works with dedicated scientists and clinicians who serve on our Scientific Advisory Board. These professionals help guide the organization by sharing their research and clinical expertise to make sure the resource materials and information that we share are vetted and accurate.

The volunteer members of the LBCA Board of Directors have ultimate responsibility for setting policy and strategy and assuring that the organization remains focused on its mission.

LBCA is honored to work with all of these volunteers who are so passionately committed to the field of lobular breast cancer and lobular breast cancer research. LBCA is fortunate to have so many volunteers who are committed to moving the field forward for all affected by ILC! We thank each and every one of our volunteers for all of their contributions as we work for a world where lobular is identified early, treated effectively, and eradicated permanently.

If you would like to learn more about how you might get involved in supporting LBCA’s work as a volunteer, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page.

With gratitude,

Mason Mitchell-Daniels

Chief Operating Officer and Volunteer Coordinator

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