Advocacy Through Education

Educate Others About Lobular Breast Cancer

Information on invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC), also known as lobular breast cancer, can be hard to find in traditional breast cancer institutions and organizations. You can educate others about ILC and raise awareness in your local cancer community by working with the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA).

Educate and Elevate

  • Start or join an LBCA Local Advocacy Team in your area: LBCA recently announced the initiation of LBCA Local Advocacy Teams, which invite ILC advocates who are interested in connecting with others locally to start regional action teams. The goal of these teams are to gather those in a common geographic area to further LBCA’s mission through in-person advocacy, developing social connections, and planning educational and fundraising events. If you would like to learn more, please contact the Local Advocacy Team Coordinator Kathleen Moss. 
  • Download and share ILC and LBCA materials with your local organizations, support groups, and at local events.  Most of these materials can be found on our ILC Fact Sheet, our FAQs, or our For Patients pages. There is also a flyer about ILC and LBCA available for download.
  • Watch our Advocate Chat series: Join other patient advocates as LBCA hosts discussions on topics to ensure  individuals with a desire to educate others about ILC and to advocate for ILC research have the tools they need to do so. Watch past sessions here.
  • Spread the word about ILC: Not all breast cancers form a lump! Share the facts about sneaky ILC on social media, with friends and family, at events, and among your networks to educate others about ILC. Our sample social media posts may be helpful.
  • Organize lobular education forums and ILC-focused events or activities through your local breast cancer organizations, hospitals, and research institutions.
  • Suggest that information about ILC be included in educational materials and on websites that omit or make no distinction between lobular and other cancers.
  • Participate in online groups and discussions, and share reliably sourced news and information about ILC. Use our ILC Fact Sheet.
  • Share your personal ILC story, and your connection to LBCA, and why YOU think lobular breast cancer needs more research! Here are examples of stories. If you would like to share your story, please email to request more information on how to submit a story.
  • “I have LOBULAR breast cancer.” ILC is commonly referred to simply as “breast cancer,” resulting in many people having never heard of lobular breast cancer. ILC lags behind the broader breast cancer community both in education and research. A simple way to educate others that not all breast cancer is the same is to be specific referring to ILC in conversations and interactions with peers, clinicians, or online to spark more conversations and questions about the differences in lobular breast disease. You can also share this flyer about the different breast cancer subtypes.
  • Speak up and ask the question, “What about lobular?” when attending breast cancer presentations, webinars, and meetings to engage the conversation and communicate the need to learn more about ILC and advance efficient research.
  • Contact us at to let us know your great work to spread the word about lobular breast cancer, or if you have questions about educating about ILC and LBCA’s ILC materials.
You may also be interested in research advocacy, which focuses on involving advocates in cancer research to make sure it reflects patient needs and outcomes. You can learn more about research advocacy by exploring our Research Advocacy Toolkit.
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