2nd ILC Symposium Rescheduled to Nov 19-21, 2020 Includes Advocates

Updated March 16, 2020: The 2nd International Lobular Breast Cancer Symposium (and day 1 – Lobular Advocacy Boot Camp) has been postponed until November 19-21, 2020 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Please monitor http://ilcsymposium2020.com/ for status updates, information on registration, refunds and logistics and event announcements and schedule changes.  We will update any information about ILC Advocacy Bootcamp as arrangements for this rescheduled event are available.

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The Second International Lobular Breast Cancer Symposium will be held November 19-21, 2020 in Pittsburgh, PA.  Researchers, health care professionals and advocates from around the world will come together to share research on lobular breast cancer, collaborate and discuss ways to better understand lobular breast cancer and refine and advance therapies for patients. The symposium will feature a day and a half of scientific talks and presentations about the latest discoveries in the laboratories and the progress being made in the clinic, including keynote talks from Dr. Christine Desmedt (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium) and Dr. Tari A. King (Dana-Farber-Cancer Institute, Boston, USA)*  

The symposium will begin with a Lobular Advocacy Boot Camp November 19 from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  The scientific sessions will begin at 4:45 pm November 19th and the symposium will close at 4:00 pm November 21.  Please watch http://ilcsymposium2020.com/ for updates on the agenda, registration and announcements for this rescheduled event.

See the agenda and register for the ILC Symposium

Lobular Advocacy Boot Camp

Nov 19, 2020 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

The first day of the Symposium November 19th will focus on advocate education with a Lobular Advocacy Boot Camp, organized by the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance in collaboration with Susan G. Komen, the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network and LBCA’s organizational and scientific partners and individual sponsors.

Lobular Advocate Boot Camp will be a day of learning tailored to patients, caregivers and others interested in learning about lobular breast cancer and how they can help advance lobular research and educate others about this disease.  During the day-long boot camp, advocates will learn about lobular breast cancer, lobular breast cancer research and different ways they can get involved in effective advocacy to advance research and educate about lobular breast disease.

Thank you to our Advocate Boot Camp Partners and Sponsors

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How to participate as an Advocate 

Definition of an advocate for lobular breast cancerAdvocates can REGISTER and attend in two ways:

  • Register for the one-day advocate-centered Lobular Advocacy Boot Camp Nov 19th, 8 AM – 4:30 PM ($25)
  • Register and attend the full three-day Symposium,  Nov 19 8:00 AM – Nov 21 4:00 PM ($50)

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Frequently Asked Questions

* Expectations of advocate attendees at the Bootcamp and Symposium

Advocates can register and attend the scientific portions of the symposium, however they are expected to respect the standard guidelines for advocate participation at scientific and medical events and refrain from asking personal medical questions or for personal medical advice of any attendees either individually or in Q&A sessions.

Who can register for and attend the Symposium as an advocate?

An advocate can be a patient, caregiver, family member or interested volunteer who wants to learn more about lobular breast cancer and use that knowledge to advance research, educate or help others impacted by lobular breast disease.   Advocates with all levels of experience who are interested in learning about lobular and advocacy on behalf of lobular breast disease are welcome.  Learn more about Research Advocacy and Education Advocacy.

LBCA is pleased to partner with Susan G. Komen Advocates in Science, The Metastatic Breast Cancer Network and our scientific and organizational partners and individual sponsors to host this lobular advocate learning opportunity.  We welcome Komen AIS member attendees.

What should advocates expect at the Scientific Portion of the Symposium?

The scientific portion of the 2nd International Lobular Breast Cancer Symposium begins the night of Nov 19 and ends the afternoon of  Nov 21.  The studies and discussion presented at the scientific portion of the symposium will be tailored to audiences with a science or medical background.  Advocate Boot Camp presentations on the day of Nov 19th will be presented in a manner appropriate to all advocates regardless of health or science background.

Are travel stipends available to assist advocates with travel costs?

The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance will announce if additional travel scholarships are available for advocates to assist with travel expenses in late summer, 2020.  Additional scholarship availability will depend on the availability of funding.

Where can I learn more?

Email info@lobularbreastcancer.org with questions about lobular advocacy and the advocacy boot camp and the advocacy travel scholarships.

LBCA has set up a Facebook group for advocates who are registered for or considering registering for the 2nd International ILC Symposium in Pittsburgh. This group is for those interested in information specific to the conference and meeting other advocates, coordinating travel or accommodation etc. The group can be accessed from LBCA’s Facebook page or by copying and pasting this link in your browser (a Facebook account is required to join this group).  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1064126923964903/

Contact Nadine Ryan for ILC2020 Symposium logistics questions including registration and accommodation, and Dr. Jagmohan Hooda for questions about the symposium program and abstract submission.