Dr. Maxine Jochelson’s Interview with Breastcancer.org

Dr. Maxine Jochelson’s Interview with Breastcancer.org
Imaging Tests for Lobular Breast Cancer

LBCA Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Maxine Jochelson was interviewed on the BreastCancer.org podcast in November 2023 to discuss imaging tests for lobular breast cancer.  In this 23 minute discussion, Dr. Jochelson discusses the topics of why lobular is harder to see with imaging, screening vs. diagnostic mammography, use of various tracers with PET/CT scans, and what is on the horizon for imaging. She helps to explain in lay language the current benefits of FES PET (which uses an estrogen-like tracer) as a useful scan (in addition to the more commonly used FDG PET) in the cases of identifying metastatic ILC and also how FES PET is being used to help predict effectiveness of treatments.

This excellent overview is a wonderful patient resource and we thank Dr. Jochelson and Breastcancer.org for shining a light on lobular and imaging with this podcast episode.

To listen to the full podcast, click here.

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