LBCA Research Priorities

The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA) is a patient-driven advocacy organization working with a scientific advisory board of breast cancer researchers and clinicians.

Our goal is to advance research to improve the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care of patients living with lobular breast cancer (ILC).

Patient Identified Research Needs

Refine Therapies for ILC:   Conduct ILC specific clinical trials to refine the most effective therapies for patients with ILC and test promising new therapies.

Improve Imaging for ILC:   Develop valid, reliable screening and imaging tools that lead to better early detection and staging of lobular breast cancer and better surveillance for recurrence and improved imaging of metastatic ILC.

Advance Targeted Therapies:   Support research to better understand the unique biology of ILC and its metastasis with the goal of developing targeted therapies for ILC.

Build the basic tools for ILC Research:   Develop ILC specific mouse models, cell lines, and tumor banks, etc. to support basic research on ILC.  Integrate lobular and metastatic sites into registries and databases.

Include ILC in Existing Studies:   Integrate ILC outcomes into the objectives of appropriate large studies/clinical trials of breast cancer prevention, identification and treatment.

How LBCA Works to Advance Research

Grant proposals:   LBCA partners trained advocates with researchers to review and shape grant proposals and provide meaningful support during trials and studies.

Publish and Share Research:   LBCA shares select ILC study and trial results on our website, to our subscriber list and on social media to share important studies with an audience of stakeholders in lobular breast cancer.

Share information on ILC Studies and Clinical Trials:   LBCA shares information on recruiting ILC clinical trials and research studies to our audience of ILC stakeholders.

Educate about ILC:   LBCA shares research driven educational material on ILC via the website, including presentations at conferences and Q&As.

Advocate within professional, research and medical institutions:   LBCA works with patients to advocate within their own institutions to request that ILC be part of their research programs, patient information and education resources.

Build partnerships with breast cancer organizations:   LBCA is partnering with breast cancer organizations around the country to integrate ILC into existing programs.

About Lobular Breast Cancer

Lobular breast cancer is the 6th most frequently diagnosed cancer of women in the United States with approximately 40,000 new cases annually. ILC has distinct molecular features and while it is often associated with a good initial prognosis, recent retrospective analyses suggest that overall long-term outcomes of ILC may be worse. Despite ILC’s prevalence and uniqueness, lobular breast cancer is understudied, and current standard of care treatment and protocols that are currently equally applied to estrogen positive breast cancer patients may not always be the best option for patients with ILC.

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LBCA welcomes partnerships with researchers, clinicians, patient research advocates and breast cancer organizations who want to pursue research and integrate lobular breast cancer into their programs and research.  Please contact us:

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