LBCA Advocacy Volunteer Opportunities

There are many different ways you can join in furthering our mission. You can help LBCA grow, spread the word about ILC, and promote ILC research. We can help you learn about and engage in research advocacy on your own to further the cause.

Educate Others/Raise Awareness About ILC and LBCA

LBCA has the following committees seeking volunteers to assist with raising awareness about ILC and LBCA, and promoting ILC research.

Volunteer with the Communications Committee:

To help us share information about ILC and about LBCA, the LBCA communications committee volunteers may engage in many activities including:

  • Drafting and editing communications on ILC (e.g., including transcripts for interviewing patients or ILC researchers, and developing content for brochures, posters, social media, pieces for the press and for fundraising initiatives)
  • Helping to maintain and increase social media visibility for LBCA and ILC
  • Assisting with photography, and video or graphic creations
  • Participating in speaker training to become better spokespeople for LBCA when speaking with the media or at conferences
  • Distributing brochures and educational materials on ILC at events and other outreach opportunities

Volunteer with the Research Advocacy Committee:

A research advocate can be a patient, caregiver, former patient or interested volunteer who has an interest in the science behind breast cancer research. ILC research advocates work to promote more ILC research. Being an ILC research advocate also means helping to ensure the research that is conducted includes and accommodates the patient perspective and focuses on patient outcomes. Research advocacy committee volunteer activities may include:

  • Keeping LBCA’s ILC educational materials up to date and accurate
  • Helping keep LBCA’s ILC research library current and relevant
  • Summarizing presentations and research for the LBCA website
  • Helping to plan and execute virtual expert panels, video presentations, and podcasts
  • Assisting with the development of advocate focused research and conference posters that promote ILC research
  • Developing curriculum materials on ILC for clinical training programs
  • Attending and representing LBCA at major breast cancer conferences and on panel presentations, and disseminating information about LBCA and ILC
  • Reaching out to and establishing relationships with key contacts at cancer research centers and other breast cancer organizations around the country
  • Working with researchers to ensure that new studies or clinical trials include ILC
  • Identifying clinical trials that seek ILC participants and/or studies that need ILC patient advocate assistance

Volunteer with the Development Committee:

LBCA Volunteer Fundraising Activities to help the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance grow may include:

  • Helping us launch a fundraising campaign
  • Developing a peer to peer fundraiser
  • Helping implement a fundraising event, such as a virtual race
  • Helping LBCA find and apply for grant opportunities