Find a Clinical Trial

Patients with ILC can participate in clinical trials.  Some clinical trials are designed only for patients with ILC, and many others include patients with lobular breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Clinical Trial Search Tools is an online, searchable resource for all breast cancer patients that offers clinical trial searches, a clinical trial matching service, a separate metastatic breast cancer trial search and matching service and general information about trials and questions to ask doctors. is not managed by LBCA. is the US government’s listing of clinical trials and includes a searchable database of clinical trials from around the world.

Clinical Trials Advance Research

Clinical trials help scientists and doctors better understand how to refine current standard of care breast cancer treatments to address the unique needs of patients with ILC.  When patients with ILC participate in clinical trials, they are helping to make patient care and outcomes better for future patients with lobular breast cancer.  Patients may also benefit from receiving treatment that is not available outside the research setting.

The National Cancer Institute offers questions to ask when considering a clinical trial, and information about the risks and benefits of participating in a clinical trial.  Always talk to your medical provider before participating in a clinical trial or research study.

LBCA will share information about important ILC-specific clinical trials on our website and with those who sign up for News and Updates.